Player Piano Products

Performance Player Piano System

The next generation of Pianoforce player systems is here. By far surpassing others in playback performance, the “Performance” also offers multiple play sources, storage options, play lists, easy operation and wireless Internet communication. Although the Performer has a multitude of features as compared to the popular Ensemble CD player system, our designers and engineers have managed to maintain the same small footprint. Pianoforce Performer is only slightly larger than its predecessors; but you will be amazed at what is packed into this incredibly small package.

Wireless remote control by iPod touch

This year Pianoforce introduces a brand new way of controlling your player piano entertainment. By using your iPod Touch or iPhone as a pocket size, wireless remote, operating your Performance System has become easier and more comfortable. By purchasing the Pianoforce iPackage you can enjoy the user friendly touch controls and colorful graphic interface to navigate your way through the functions.


Keescan is the ultimate accessory for recording your own piano performance. Now you can record music directly on your acoustic piano and catch the essence of your emotion each time you press the key of your piano. This high precision is the nature of this optical sensor rail unit which captures the movement, speed and duration of each key and the sustain pedal. So, the recording is recreated as accurate, dynamic and expressive as possible as the original pianist intended it to be. Your composition is converted into midi data and sent to the Performance Player system or to a connected computer for further processing or storing into memory.