Wireless remote control by iPod touch

Pianoforce iPhone/iPod Application

This year Pianoforce introduces a brand new way of controlling your player piano entertainment. By using your iPod Touch or iPhone as a pocket size, wireless remote, operating your Performance System has become easier and more comfortable. By purchasing the Pianoforce iPackage you can enjoy the user friendly touch controls and colorful graphic interface to navigate your way through the functions.


SET UP IS SIMPLE. Just install the new Pianoforce iPackage and download the software application free of charge from your iTunes App Store and you’re ready to go…

Now you can access the many functions your Pianoforce Performance System has to offer by simply using your handy Apple product. Select a source (Like CD, library or USB device), choose an album, library or a song, and press play. Now slide your finger over the volume control to adjust the playback level. Touch the accompaniment button and slide you finger again to set the perfect balance between the piano and accompaniment. Pre-select another source, library, or song while your piano is playing or just sit back and enjoy your uninterrupted entertainment.

With this unique technology merger of the Performance player system and Apple’s excellent communication devices iPhone and iPod Touch, Pianoforce has made creating, playing and organizing your music selections fun and trouble-free. This new combination of great products also allows you to use USB connections for external devices such as jump drives, Wi-Fi, or memory keys, a large internal memory for thousands of songs and internet capability.

No other player piano system offers such integration of the latest communication and audio technologies. The Apple iPhone and iPod Touch set the highest standards, and now we proudly merge them with our player piano for your convenience.