Performance Player Piano System

Pianoforce Performace Player Piano System

The next generation of Pianoforce player systems is here. By far surpassing others in playback performance, the “Performance” also offers multiple play sources, storage options, play lists, easy operation and wireless Internet communication. Although the Performer has a multitude of features as compared to the popular Ensemble CD player system, our designers and engineers have managed to maintain the same small footprint. Pianoforce Performer is only slightly larger than its predecessors; but you will be amazed at what is packed into this incredibly small package.

Supported Playback Media:

Internal Library
The Peformer comes standard with over 500MB of memory space for a large internal music library. Yor favorite CD’s or many thousands of MIDI files can be stored in this internal library and played without having to insert or change the CD.

External USB Storage
Universal connection to mass storage devices, such as external USB hard drive, jump drive, floppy drive and others, for users who want to save and organize very large music libraries or download and store song files, Audio CDs and play lists.

Audio CD
To play standard audio CDs or Music Minus One tracks, for listening or playing along with the band

To recognize and play popular Analog to MIDI player piano format CDs.

Store and access large number of MIDI files as data CD.


Playback Formats:

Special format player piano CD

Special format player piano CD

Audio CD plus piano track
Selected collection of original audio CD synchronized to MIDI piano accompaniment. Enjoy your favorite artist singing, while your piano accompanies in perfect synchronization.

MIDI files
Universal format (Musical Instruments Digital Interface) music files. MIDI files will play your player piano as well as accompaniment with the optional onboard General MIDI sound generator. These are very small files, ideal for large volume storage. Piano and orchestrated performances are widely available to purchase or download free form the Internet.