Performance Player Piano System

Pianoforce Performace Player Piano System

The next generation of Pianoforce player systems is here. By far surpassing others in playback performance, the “Performance” also offers multiple play sources, storage options, play lists, easy operation and wireless Internet communication. Although the Performer has a multitude of features as compared to the popular Ensemble CD player system, our designers and engineers have managed to maintain the same small footprint. Pianoforce Performer is only slightly larger than its predecessors; but you will be amazed at what is packed into this incredibly small package.


- Ethernet - connection to Internet or LAN for home automation

- USB - storage media (Jump Drive, Hard Drive, Floppy Drive)

- MIDI In and Out

- Headphones with plug in detection

- Audio Line out L/R

- Audio Line2 out L/R (e.g. for Subwoofer)

- Line in L/R

- LED Display (longer messages will be scrolled from right to left, with user adjustable speed)

- Help button – will display help navigation and help menu. Available for both the remote functions and all other features

- Auto dim of display light (speed and intensity is user adjustable)

- Set timer for auto wakeup/auto snooze (Select date, time and media)

- Split control (Left On/Off, Right On/Off, Split Point selection +-)

- Source selection (CD, USB, LIB, All)

- Copy, Rename, Delete, Add To Play List)

- Support for OGG files playback (high quality audio compression)

- Support for OGG files compression (approx. 1:15)

- Copy songs from AMI format CD to internal library (as MIDI file or OGG file)

- Set timer for auto wakeup/auto snooze (Select date, time and media)

- Star Tracks – Synchronized standard audio CD to MIDI piano file

- General MIDI sound engine (Optional module required)