Performance Player Piano System

Pianoforce Performace Player Piano System

The next generation of Pianoforce player systems is here. By far surpassing others in playback performance, the “Performance” also offers multiple play sources, storage options, play lists, easy operation and wireless Internet communication. Although the Performer has a multitude of features as compared to the popular Ensemble CD player system, our designers and engineers have managed to maintain the same small footprint. Pianoforce Performer is only slightly larger than its predecessors; but you will be amazed at what is packed into this incredibly small package.

Basic Playback functions:

Repeat, Random
Listen to your favorite song, CD or play list uninterrupted until you press the Stop button. Random play will vary the sequence of the songs played from the source.

Do you feel like singing but the key is too high? No problem! Transpose it to your key and then save it for the next time.

Do you like it slower or faster? Tempo can be changed “on the fly” without stopping the playback.

Soft, Medium, High. User selectable playback expression curves.

Accompaniment volume
Adjust the accompaniment volume independently from the piano.

Clock - wake up selection
Do you feel like waking up to Rachmaninoff or gentle piano music? Want to snooze to a Mozart sonata? Program the date and time to enjoy a pleasant wake up call, or fall asleep while your favorite artist is playing your piano.

Microphone inputs
Connect one or two microphones and become the life of the party

Internal Microphone
Listens to the piano and adjusts low playback level, timing and expression assuring that your piano performs at its best all the time.

Not certain if your piano is set and calibrated correctly? You can simply ask your piano to send the information to our website via the Internet and our engineers will analyze the data.

SPDIF optical output
Enjoy uncompromised audio quality with the digital audio output.

Online Integrated Help
Do you need help? Just press the Help button and read the instructions on the scrolling display. Your owner's manual at the touch of a button!

The performance of the PERFORMER system.
The Performer utilizes the same proven ECR technology that reproduces with unprecedented accuracy every nuance of your piano’s dynamic range, from living room quiet to concert hall fortissimo. Repetition rates have been substantially increased at any playback level. Expression levels further increased, timing even more accurate even at the lowest level. All these features set this player system above all the others.

The future of the Performer:
Your piano can be updated per request or even automatically via Internet, using the Wi-Fi module or via standard 100Mbit Ethernet cable. The Performer will never be outdated or become obsolete.
Pianoforce Performer is the most user friendly system offering features and performance like no other system.

It is the present and the future! With Performer you are entering a new age of player piano technologies. So many possibilities, so many features and options, but it is all organized for easy operation. In minutes you can master the well designed remote control and take control of your entertainment. You selected the right song and now you want to set the mood? Dim the room lights and then turn off the display on the Performer.

The exclusive features:

WiFi wireless internet connection
Connect to the internet via our dedicated WiFi module and the World becomes your music library. Access, play, download or share music.

Touch less sensors for Standby/On, CD-eject
The Performer is incredibly advanced yet simple to operate. Power ON/OFF Performance with the “virtual” button. There are no buttons to mar the look of the high gloss ebony exterior.